We all know that YouTube came out of nowhere and took over video on the internet in a matter of years.

It’s no wonder that a 2018 study showed that video is consumers’ favourite type of branded content.

So the demand is there, but how will video brochures in the UK help deliver your specific branded content? Here are our top 5 ways.

1. High Demand for Branded Content

The demand for video is high, and the demand for branded content is growing with it. Over 50% of consumers say they want to see more brand video marketing from brands and businesses they support.

Your customers are literally asking you to provide them with custom video branding!

2. An Opportunity to Stand Out From the Crowd

Did you know over 3 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every single month? Consumers are drowning in the choice of online video.

A video brochure stands out from all the content online because it’s physically in your customers’ hands. It can be personalised and targeted for them specifically.

Make your customers feel special.

3. The Benefits of Print and Video

As we’ve just said, video brochures are physically in your customers’ hands. So with a video brochure, you can also enjoy the benefits of print.

People are more likely to remember things they see in print vs online. ROI for print ads is actually higher than for video, as something physical is usually kept and re-read.

An online video or ad can disappear with the click of a button. Consumers forget it and it’s content, but a video brochure is unusual and appreciated.

Enjoy the combined benefits of both video and print with a brand promo video in a video brochure.

4. Less Intrusive

Adverts are annoying when your browsing online. Pop-ups can confuse, and unwanted audio is just that.

A video brochure not only feels special but it’s non-disruptive to your customers day. That means when they do open it up they will be fully engaged with the branded content that’s inside.

5. Make It Personal

We’ve mentioned making brand video marketing personal with video brochures. With us, you can fully personalise your customers’ experience.

Our products are suitable for a range of applications, including point of sale and direct mail. Whether you’re delivering branded content to your client in the post or at a meeting, we can help.

We have a variety of sizes available. You have control buttons and headphone jack options available, so your customers can fully immerse themselves in your video content.

You can even add personalisation to your cover, both inside and out, with your clients’ name and your company branding.

Get in Touch Today

There are so many great reasons to use video brochures for your branded content, from making clients feel special to standing out from the crowd.

Get in touch with one of our team. We would love to help bring your company brand videos to life.

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