A marketing brochure is an essential part of your sales kit, and nothing attracts more attention than a brochure that plays a great video. A video brochure communicates your message quickly and effectively.

Here’s how to plan the perfect video brochure and set a budget for the video brochure cost.

Who Uses Video Brochures?

People prefer video marketing over many other options because it is a proven way to connect with an audience. CEOs, marketing directors, small business owners, and other entrepreneurs utilize the power of video-in-print products to personalize their message. They use these innovative marketing tools to reach a target audience and to create a memorable experience that stands out from the competition.

Why Are Video Brochures Effective?

Customers receive dozens of email, see hundreds of social media posts, and experience countless ads every day. Many CEO’s, as well as other decision-makers, don’t trust marketing because it lacks the clarity of message, personalization, and creativity they expect.

With a video brochure, you can quickly communicate a personalized message. Video brochures have a long shelf-life, are frequently shared with colleagues and peers, and deliver a message faster and more often than traditional printed catalogues.

What Are the Benefits of Video Brochures?

When your customer opens a VueTV video brochure, they see and hear your message right away on a beautiful LCD screen. Complex ideas can be made simple with a video. Products come to life, and you can give a demonstration as if you were in the room with the customer.

Direct mail continues to be the most trusted form of B2B and B2C marketing. 87% of customers believe traditional mail over email and other digital channels. When you mail a video brochure, you combine the attention-grabbing nature of motion pictures with the trustworthiness of direct mail.

The number one benefit of video brochures is instant gratification for you and your customer. No other direct-mail marketing provides the same level of marketing innovation and engagement.

Do I Have to Mail My Video Brochure?

Direct mail is a great way to share your video message with customers, but there are many ways to use a video brochure. You can hand them out at trade shows or job fairs. Some companies use them as part of new employee training or safety orientation.

Equip your sales force with a carton of video brochures to deliver during sales meetings and presentations. They are a great complement to traditional pamphlets and catalogues.

Since the video brochure cost can be very affordable compared to other marketing tools, you can find almost limitless ways to use them.

How Much Does a Video Brochure Cost?

When selecting a video brochure provider, it’s important to consider the quality of the product. The video brochure makes the first impression before anyone watches the video inside. Choose a company that specializes in high-quality materials for video-in-print products.

Work with a full-service partner. If you don’t already have a video to share, VueTV can help you produce a video or animation to share with your customers. VueTV also provides graphic design services or can work with your print-ready artwork.

Some video brochure makers may charge a low initial price, but take a very long time to produce your products. Other companies expect you to place a substantial first order.

If you are trying to test different messages across multiple audiences, you need more flexibility. VueTV has no minimum order quantity and offers speedy (as little as five days) turn-around time. And VueTV can produce, print, and ship any size order you need–no matter how small or large.

There are many variables to consider in determining the price of your video brochure. For about the cost of a large pizza, you can create a fun, engaging video brochure your customers will love.

What Sizes of Video Brochure are Available?

Sometimes you need to share a short video in a pocket-sized package. Other times you have an epic story to tell on a big screen. Video brochures from VueTV are available in four standard sizes–from as small as 120 x 60mm to as large as 305 x 218mm (A4).

You can choose from different screen sizes, as well. VueTV offers screens from 3″ to 10″, and each is a high-quality IPS panel that displays rich, vibrant colours with excellent viewing angles.

Are you looking for something a little different? You can also choose to turn your video into a presentation box. Presentation boxes are the perfect way to include a gift or product sample with your video.

Bespoke options are also available to create the ideal size, shape, and style of video mailer for your company. When you work with VueTV, you have plenty of options.

How Do I Go Beyond the Brochure?

Your VueTV video brochure is going to make a great first impression, but it’s necessary to use a multi-channel marketing approach to get the best return on your investment. Include your video on your website or a personalized landing page to collect sales leads and inquiries. Share it on your social media channels and include it in your email communications.

Consider creating multiple versions of your video so you can A/B test it. Use different messages, visuals, and other creative elements to determine which is the most effective.

Get Started With Video Brochures for Your Organization

VueTV is the world’s only concept-to-conclusion video in print service. Leading brands like Dunlop, KPMG, and JP Morgan trust VueTV. You can distinguish yourself from the competition with an innovative marketing tool that tells your story in a unique and compelling way.

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