Novelty sells. While traditional brochures are still a very popular and cost-effective option, how many simply get shoved into a desk drawer, never to be seen again?

Video brochures are on the cutting edge of business communications. With a high-definition screen and attractive packaging, they are guaranteed to make their way into the hands of decision-makers.

But how does one make a video brochure guaranteed to grab and hold the attention of anyone who picks it up? There are several features unique to video brochures that can be utilised to maximize your results.

If you’re looking to make top-of-the-line video brochures, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of seven features a winning one must have.

1. Its All in the Packaging

The first thing potential clients will see with your video brochure is the packaging and design, so make sure it’s eye-catching!

Maintaining consistent branding throughout the brochure design is paramount to instant engagement and interest. Professional graphic design services can assist you in establishing a strong brand identity throughout your brochure.

2. Video Production

Excellent video production can also help communicate your brand identity. With a video brochure, the video itself is the star.

Make sure your filmography, animations, and editing are top-notch. A professional service can ensure the highest quality for your video.

3. Video Content

The content of the video itself is what will keep viewers engaged throughout the entire presentation.

Make sure to begin with an excellent hook that generates interest and provide useful and pertinent information throughout the video.

Ending the video on a call-to-action is an excellent way to ensure a follow-up.

4. Utilize the Technology

Along with packaging options, video brochures also have options for things such as touchscreens, audio jacks, and button navigation.

Make sure that your video brochure design and video use these features to their maximum potential. For example, divide your video presentation up into various topics and have them accessible by buttons for easy reference.

5. Utilise the Format

Video brochures come in many attractive options for any price range, such as different styles and various sizes of screens.

Bespoke video brochure design is available to craft a unique and memorable experience.

6. A Hybrid Approach

Video brochures can also be supplemented with additional printed pages. These pages can be laid out in many different ways, such as fold-outs or even layers that frame the video.

This allows you to convey important information that decision-makers and clients can refer to throughout the video’s presentation.

7. Video Brochure Promotion

Remember, your promotional campaigns are a multi-pronged approach. Various packages are available to add to your promotional campaign.

Your video can be optimised to promote on many digital platforms. This will further your brand’s image and presence and become an excellent supplement to the video brochure.

All-In-One Video Brochure Production

If you are looking for a novel and memorable approach to gaining new clients or marketing your message, we’re here to help.

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