These 3 powerful tips for increasing your direct mail response rate will boost the effectiveness of your campaign and bring in more leads and paying customers.

Some things never go out of style. In a world ruled by technology, a personalized touch becomes even more important, particularly when it comes to marketing.

While digital marketing works, there is another aspect of marketing that should be included in any effective strategy–direct mail.

Direct mail used to conjure up images of postcards thrown in the trash, or letters unopened. However, if done right you can send your response rate through the roof and reach customers you wouldn’t have been able to get to before.

Here are three tips that will change and improve the way you use direct mail in your marketing strategy.

1. First Impressions Matter: Let Your Prospects Feel the Difference

The type of paper you choose for your mailers matters. You want your prospects to feel quality when they open your direct mail piece, not a flimsy piece of paper.

Choose a paper stock that’s on the heavier side and consider embossing your design to add to the look and feel.

Engravings are another nice touch that can help you bring attention to certain details in your mailer.

2. Get Even More Personal with Personalization

The open rate for direct mail can reach as high as 90%. One of the reasons direct mail fares so well is that it allows you to get hyper-personalized.

Before creating your direct mail piece take advantage of customer databases that can provide you with information on your prospects, along with the data you’ve already compiled. You can use this information to create targeted lists for your direct mail pieces, rather than sending out the same mailer to everyone on your list.

Consider the content they’ve downloaded in the past and reach out to them with more information regarding that information. Address them by their first names and provide them with even more value by telling them where they can find additional content that may interest them.

3. Incorporate Video into Your Mailers

To make an even more unforgettable first impression, consider incorporating video into your direct email. Yes, video.

Video marketing is another effective strategy for businesses. Print combined with video mixes the traditional with technology and will appeal to a wider audience.

A video mailer consists of an LCD screen inside the card stock. When prospects open the card they are greeted by your message. By taking this approach you’re getting directly in front of prospects and creating an experience that they will remember.

Start Improving Your Direct Mail Response Rate Today

Marketing can be cluttered and it’s become even more difficult for businesses to be seen. This is why every business should incorporate direct mail into their strategy.

This is not a stale approach that gets lost in the mail. In fact, with technology interrupting so much of our days, receiving a well thought out personalized piece of marketing in the mail can bring your business more qualified leads and increase your response rate dramatically.

Vue tv has the solution for your business with our personalized video brochures. We’re keen to get your business noticed in a  fashion that your prospects will remember. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our solutions.

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