How to Produce a Custom Video for Your Video Brochure

Have you come up with the perfect idea for a video? The image is crystal clear in your mind and doesn’t command a James Cameron type budget to bring it to life. But you still want it to look the best it can be.

A quality custom video can help your video brochure pop. However, it needs to get produced right for it to look good. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at this guide while you’re in your trailer on how to make a high-quality video.

Get the Right Equipment

The quality of your video is determined by the standards of the equipment you use to shoot it. This doesn’t just mean the camera. It also includes audio equipment, lighting, and any accessories.

You should capture any footage using a high-definition camera. It’s best to utilise external lights and ideally have a microphone to record any audio. It’s not necessary to purchase these items, you can often rent them for the period of time that you need it.

Organise the Shoot

Making a video often requires shooting footage for a whole day. That’s why it’s important to plan out every part of the day and stick to the schedule so that you capture everything that’s needed for the video.

When you’re planning how the day will play out, make sure to factor in set up times and travel times if you’re filming at multiple locations. If you have time, storyboard your video so that you know what shots you need to get.

Edit Your Custom Video

Editing is often the lengthiest part of the process. Depending on how much footage there is, it can take anywhere from eight hours to a week to complete. This is because of the steps involved, including cutting, syncing, and gathering music to play if it’s required.

Unless you have the software to edit the footage yourself, you might be better off partnering with an editor. They have years of experience and can turn a good video into a viral one.

Create a Strategy

Once you’ve got your finished product, it’s time to plan a strategy on how you’re going to use it in your video brochure. Some of the items to consider are:

  • How does the video represent your business?
  • How can it improve lead generation?
  • What other ways can it help expand the company?
  • What audiences will see the video?
  • How will you distribute the video brochure?

When you’re clear on your strategy, you can start sharing your custom video. Then all you need to do is wait for the calls and emails to start coming in.

Looking for Some Professional Help?

Creating a custom video will help your video brochure stand out with clients, customers, and potential employees. But it will stand out for the right reasons if you produce it right.

Do you want some help bringing your video brochure to life? Get in contact with us today, and we’ll get the process rolling.

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