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In the last of our series of blogs on reasons why video works well with direct mail, we focus on the physical aspects of a direct mail campaign.

We’ll look at how integrating the moving image with a deliverable, and personalised mail item can carry across a bold message to existing and potential customers.

Reason 7: The power of touch

A survey for Royal Mail established that 87% of consumers trust messages that they receive in the post. In a digitised age with so much communication operating online, it is worth remembering the power and impact of sending a physical item.

The advent of digital technology has by no means stifled print. Volumes of printed books are in the ascendancy despite the popularity of e-readers and Kindles, just as online music streaming services co-exist amicably alongside retro vinyl record collections. The appeal of a tangible item continues to create a physical touchpoint that resonates with its recipients. The power of touch helps marketers to achieve greater cut through and a physical item of mail can make a significant impact. According to Royal Mail, 48 per cent of UK adults took action after receiving direct mail in 2018.

Surveys show that people value mail, that it makes them feel important and valued, and that the content is more likely to gain their full attention. Add to this the power and popularity of the moving image and video brochures represent a winning combination.

You can keep control of postage costs by selecting smaller video in print items. A post-friendly pocket-sized item with a 3” screen can convey your video messages just as effectively. A good video brochure company should be able to manage the production and fulfilment of your items. It is always wise to check whether they are a registered mailing house that knows how to present mail for maximum efficiency. They will also be able to report on and manage any returns, helping you to keep your data in tip-top condition.

Recent years have seen a rise in demand for luxury and bespoke printing, made possible on a larger scale by advances in print technology. Video brochures make a statement when coloured foils, embossed textures, or spot UV varnish are added to a hardback cover with soft touch matt laminate finish. Imaginatively branded and creatively-designed, a video brochure becomes an item to be coveted, providing a high-quality, appealing environment for your content.

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